NA Meeting List Administrator


NA Meeting List Administrator

 as of version 2.5.4

The NA Meeting List Administrator iOS App is an iPhone/iPad app that has been specifically designed as a tool for designated Meeting List Administrators for BMLT installations.

It is not to be used for Main Server administration. It is meant only for meeting list administration. This means that you need to have a Service Body Administrator account (not an Observer or Server Admin account) that is allowed to edit meetings for at least one Service body (It works great for administrators allowed to edit multiple Service bodies).

The app will support Touch ID (and Face ID) for devices that support Touch ID (iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and iPhone 5s and beyond), making logging in easier than ever.

It is designed to be a primary editing tool, allowing administrators to eschew computers in favor of mobile devices.

NOTE: Because of the ease of use of this app, it can be quite easy to make significant changes to your meeting list! Remember that this is an administration utility, working “live” on your database! You’re playing for keeps!

That said, one of the nice features of the app is the ability to easily undo changes.

A significant feature of this app, is that it allows restoration of deleted meetings; something that the Web interface can’t do.

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This is the source code repo for the app. The default branch is the Master Branch, which means that it may have code checked in for as-yet-unreleased versions.