Why Use the BMLT

The BMLT provides easy, customizable meeting searches for almost all types of NA Web sites, mobile devices, and even printed lists.

It allows easy synchronization of your meeting list with NA World Services (NAWS). However, even though developed in coordination with NAWS, the BMLT is an independent, standalone project; with no connection to any NA Service entity or philosophy.

It is very secure and extremely easy to install, use, and administer with the ability to assign sequestered, isolated logins to individual meeting editors.

You can manage thousands of meetings, with dozens of Service bodies, from one server; yet allow each Service body to have its own implementation and expression of the meeting data. Alternatively, you can use the BMLT to manage just a few meetings.

It is of incredibly high quality and under active development by highly experienced professional-grade software engineers.

It is COMPLETELY free and open source.

All work on the BMLT is done by NA members and adheres to the Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust (FIPT).

There are absolutely no restrictions whatsoever on using, deploying, or modifying it. It works with modern web sites, is highly flexible and customizable, and completely localizable (translatable into different languages).

The BMLT helps Service bodies to provide a very important, fundamental Service to their Groups.

The BMLT is meant to fit YOUR needs; not the other way around.