Frequently Asked Questions


We are working on compiling a list of BMLT Server admins. In the mean time you can contact us here and we will try to point you in the right direction.

You can post questions to our Facebook, Slack, Github or use our contact form here.

The BMLT was designed from Day One to be localized (translated into different languages). Currently, we have full or partial translations in French, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish, Italian and Danish, Russian. We are always looking for help localizing the system. If you are interested in helping to localize the BMLT, Please contact us.

Click here to see all the known service bodies.

Click here for how to information on that

BMLT Root Server

The contact email and names under the Other tab can be used by the admin to contact the group.

When the BMLT root server was built it was primarily used in NY, NY where train lines are used for addicts to find meetings. Some areas/regions are in cities and it can help help addicts find a meeting.

If you need to update your current key you will need to modify the file that is in the root of your BMLT Server install.

It is suggested to use this feature if a meeting is temporarily closed. If a meeting is unpublished the meeting will not display on your online meeting listings and if you use bread to provide current time meeting directories in PDF.

If you make a change and need to see what the last 5 changes were you can see the previous data.

You could use that as extra directions to the meeting. Ex; 3rd room on the left, second floor or use the back entrance.

If you select the location map on the location tab  you can move the location pin on the map so that it displays properly on a google map.

The BMLT deals with meetings, not groups. This means if a group meets twice weekly, it needs two separate meetings in the root server – one for each day. Virtual meetings that meet at the same time and day are considered Hybrid meeting. If the meetings are at different times or days they need to be separate meetings.


Bread is a completely customizable meeting list editor. It allows a meeting schedule to be created from the BMLT database, and printed in PDF format. Paper sizes, layout design (tri, quad, half and full), fonts and font sizes are all editable.

Yes, bread has the capability of creating multiple meeting lists with different looks, formats, service bodies or combinations of service bodies.

Yes, the front page, font type, size and color all can be modified

There are two ways to find the link to your meeting list. Open the plugin from your WordPress admin area and click on the “BMLT Server” tab. Scroll down and you will see the “Current meeting list link”. The other way is to open a the meeting list by clicking the “Generate Meeting List” from the bottom of the page and copying the url.

While on the “Meetings” tab click the text tab of the editor. Erase all of the content there. Now go back to visual view. Click in the empty box. Then from the dropdown just above it and to the left select anyone of the three default templates.

Contacts BMLT

With BMLT Contacts you can display the contact information that is stored in the BMLT Server for your ASCs, RSC or Zone. The helpline phone number, website addresses and Cities

Yes, you can also display a drop down menu with those service bodies.


Yes, Croutonjs is made to work with standard websites like Wix and others. Click here to read an article about it.

Yes, here’s an article to explain it. Click here.

If the meetings aren’t displaying on your website the way you think they should be, a good thing to do is to reset the Meeting Data and Metadata templates to the defaults in the Crouton settings.

To reset the data templates,

      1. Go to the crouton settings,
      2. Scroll down to the Meeting Data Template and click the “Reset to Default” button underneath the text box.
      3. Click the “Reset to Default” button underneath the Metadata Template text box.

You can use the shortcode, map_search_width=”50″ this is the number of results returned. Make it bigger for more results or smaller for less.

List Locations

List locations is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display all of the Counties, Cities, Neighborhoods that your service body has meetings in.

Yes, by using the shortcode and changing the services=”service body id”

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming meetings is a WordPress plugin that will display a set amount of meetings that a service body has from the current date time.

Yes, you can use css to style the look of to match your theme’s style.


The avaerage costs for a yap phoneline depends on the volume and minutes your service body uses. Twilio posts it’s rates here. The averages seen are $5 – $10 for a small service body up to $35 – $50 for a large service body per month.

When configuring the TwiML app instead of pointing to index.php point to input-method.php?Digits=2 in your webhook.