as of version 2.5.4

What is Bread?

As of version 2.7.9

Bread is a completely customizable meeting list editor. It allows a meeting schedule to be created from the BMLT database, and printed in PDF format. Paper sizes, layout design (tri, quad, half and full), fonts and font sizes are all editable.

Bread Meeting Schedule Example
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Why Should We Use It?

How Do We Get It?

The Bread plugin can be downloaded from the following link:

or from our downloads page

The above links directs to a webpage that also includes installation instructions and a change log detailing updates applied to the plugin over time.

Bread WordPress Install
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  1. The easiest way of installing a WordPress plugin is to use the plugin search.Put bread in the search box. You can also download it here and install through Cpanel or FTP.
  2. Once you have it installed click on the activate link.
  3. Open bread (Meeting List) from the WordPress admin menu on the left.
  4. For setup click on the video for more information.
Bread Install Video
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You can learn about new versions of Bread as they are published by checking the downloads page for the this website.

To update your Bread plug-in, use any of these options:

Bread Upgrade
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Below are some common issues you can run into while installing, configuring, updating, or maintaining Bread. Possible solutions to these issues are provided. If you are experiencing an issue that is not addressed in this section, you can find help here.

Bread Error
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