The Basic Meeting List Toolbox

How Auto-Radius Works

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One of the most usefulĀ features of the BMLT is the “auto-radius” capability. This is where you simply click somewhere on a map, or enter a location, and you are presented with a result that includes the nearest few meetings to that location.

How far afield the search goes to get these meetings is determined programatically. I’ll cover exactly how thisĀ is done in this post. It’s a bit technical, but nothing too bad.
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Happy Birthday, BMLT!

The BMLT first rolled off the assembly line on June 25, 2009.

Since then, it has been adopted by dozens of NA Service bodies (and even a few non-NA organizations).

There are multiple projects that make up the BMLT. Each has its own README and full release history. You can see every release that has ever been made of the BMLT, including before June 25, 2009.

Since 2009, the BMLT has undergone dozens and dozens of minor releases, and one major revision.

The BMLT was designed as a framework and a platform. It has been designed to be extended, and has an enormous number of “hooks.”

So far, no one (including us) has ever actually taken full advantage of the BMLT. There’s still a lot more that can be done with it.

PROTIP: Simplifying Standard Service Body Editor Screens

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In many cases, we want to set up a distributed administration system for a BMLT installation, in which the individual editors for Service bodies have the simplest possible user experience. This allows the position to be opened to more candidates. Additionally, we may not want Service Body Administrators editing the actual Service body information (such as the Service body name, description or contact email).

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Moving to BitBucket

I am moving all the BMLT projects to BitBucket. This is because I need to use Git Submodules, and the auto-compress for Git does not nest submodules. GitHub does not allow me to attach downloads to the project, so that means that people will download incomplete installations, and that is very serious.

Bitbucket will allow me to do attach downloads.

I will move the root server and the Drupal module there first.

Root Server 2.0 Is Officially Alpha

That means “Feature Complete, All Known Bugs Fixed, but Rigorous Testing Has Not Yet Been Done.”

I have merged the 2.0 branch back into the “master” branch, and that is where all subsequent development will occur (the 2.0 branch is retired):

However, this is “ALPHA” code. That means that you are being reckless if you apply this to your “live” database!
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