The Basic BMLT Client

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What is a BMLT Client

The BMLT Client is the part of the BMLT that faces the user. It displays meeting information, and allows users to search for meetings

Why should we use it?

The BMLT Client is the preferred method of implementing BMLT for an NA service body when a Root Server has already been set up to support it. Don’t know if a Root Server is set up to support your service body? Find out HERE.

How do we get it?

The BMLT Client is a content management system plugin. You can download the plugin from our repository site. Or install it directly from the wordpress plugin repository. More information is detailed in the Installation section of this page.



This section describes how to install a BMLT Client and get it working.

The BMLT Basic Client is a plug-in that can be used across multiple types of content management sites. The type most commonly used is WordPress. The WordPress plugin can be found here: