The Basic Meeting List Toolbox

The Fast Table Display

In version 3.2.4 of the BMLT CMS Satellite Base Class, we introduced a new shortcode: [[bmlt_table]].

This displays a weekday-tabbed display with a sortable table. It is dynamically generated by JavaScript.

This shortcode is available in the BMLT Basic Satellite, and all of the CMS satellites.

The syntax is: [[bmlt_table([<Settings ID>][##-##]<Search Query Parameters>)]]

where “<Settings ID>” is the ID of one of the settings that you established in the BMLT Options Admin Page, and “<Search Query Parameters>” is a list of queries, very similar to those used by The Simple Display Shortcode. However, this shortcode uses only a subset of the parameters used by the Simple display.

The shortcode gets fourĀ things from the settings: The appearance (theme), the start of the week, the time format (Ante Meridian or Military), and the Root Server.

It is possible to have multiple instances of the [[bmlt_table]] shortcode on one page, each individually styled (however, that’s likely to give you a confusing page).

The place to find out how you can build the parameter list is to use the Semantic Workshop. Select “[[BMLT_TABLE]] Shortcode” from the main popup menu. It will give you the “<Search Query Parameters>” part of the shortcode (you would need to add the “[<Settings ID>][##-##]” part, yourself. NOTE: The “##-##” is a separator. It is not a format to be replaced with something else. You literally add “##-##” between the settings ID and the parameters).


Here are the pages that implement examples of this shortcode: