The Basic Meeting List Toolbox


There are a Number of iOS (iPhone and iPad) apps that have been written for the BMLT.

With the advent of the Sandwich Project, it is now possible to do worldwide searches with a single app (as opposed to localized searches with individual apps, connected to local servers).


All three of these apps use the BMLTiOSLib Framework to manage communication between the app and the Root Server.

Quick NA Meeting Finder
This is a very simple “Find meetings near me later today or tomorrow” app. It works all over the world; wherever the BMLT is being used.
BMLT NA Meeting Search
This is a more comprehensive version of the app that allows a lot more options in searching for meetings.
NA Meeting List Administrator Icon NA Meeting List Administrator
This is an app that has been designed to make administering a meeting list dead simple, if you use an iPhone or iPad.


These are apps that will eventually be replaced by the apps above.

Individual Locale Search Apps (Each Link Takes You to the App Store)

These are individually-targeted search apps that will eventually be replaced by the two search apps above.

CA SoCal NA Meeting Search
This covers the Southern California Region.
HI NA Hawaii
This covers The Hawaii Region.
SD San Diego NA Meetings
This covers The San Diego Imperial Counties Region.
NJ NA New Jersey
This is a localized app that allows searches in New Jersey.