Google Maps location name

Recently locations that meetings are being held at are being displayed as Narcotics Anonymous locations and as a business. This can be a problem if it is a treatment facility and can be construed as an endorsement.

Here’s how to correct it: ( you need to submit with a gmail account. suggest using chrome )

Do a search for the location – City, State Narcotics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous City State 

If the location is displayed as a business and Narcotics Anonymous you can suggest an edit. Look for this button. ( on the left of the map on Google maps ) 

Google Suggest Edit Button

You see this modal window, select “Close or remove”

Google Suggest Edit modal window

Select reason drop down and you can pick a reason, suggested to pick never suggested. When selected, hit send and Google will get the submission. Some are instantaneous some may take a while. Google says it may take up to 24hrs to reflect the change. 

suggest edit -never existed modal window

You’ll get a confirmation at your gmail account your logged into that your submission was accepted. 

You may need to recheck your submission but in submitting 3 locations they have not been displayed again on google maps.