Advanced croutonjs example

Advanced croutonjs example Someone in Connecticut made a crouton display meetings specifically that are meeting in person separately from those that are meeting virtually.  The example shows the capability of croutonjs.  The WordPress plugin crouton actually does nothing more than render the croutonjs javascript object when a page loads where the shortcode has been embedded. […]

Putting BMLT data on a Wix Site

Putting BMLT data on a Wix Site Putting BMLT data on a Wix site is fairly simple. Sign into your Wix account and go into the editor view. Follow this article for adding HTML content to your Wix site: Copy and paste into the HTML content area the following sample HTML: Publish and […]

Displaying meetings on your site using Crouton

Displaying Meetings on Your Site Using Crouton Use this shortcode with crouton to display virtual meetings from the root server. %fBbmlt_tabs root_server=”” service_body_parent=”4″ include_city_button=”0″ has_zip_codes=”0″ has_cities=”0″ has_locations=”0″ has_languages=”1″ has_areas=”0″ base_tz=”UTC” filter_tabs=”1″ auto_tz_adjust=”1″ default_filter_dropdown=”languages=english-speaking” metadata_template=”<div class=’bmlt-comments’>{{formatLink this.formatted_comments}}</div><img style=’display: inline-block; text-align: center;’ src=’×100&cht=qr&chl={{ this.formatted_comments }}&choe=UTF-8′ />”%5D

Merging a Regional Yap Server into a Zonal Yap Server

First posted February 2020; updated November 2022 Since Yap 3.0.0 (released in March 2019), it’s been possible to use a single Yap server with multiple Twilio accounts.  What this means is that a service body can handle the overhead of server management while another service body retains the management of phone numbers and billing. Yap […]

Customize the CSS of Crouton

Customize the CSS of Crouton Here is a sample of the CSS that was used to customize the Volunteer Region crouton.  Utilizing the recent feature released with crouton 2.1.0, you can fully customize the colors.  I thought this might be useful to assist in making it easy to reuse.  (Note: this may become incompatible very […]